Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Didya Notice?

   That when I put in my web address for my blog, I added an extra “w” to the word “wordpress”.  Here is the correct URL http://www.rbpahl.wordpress.com.  I have a good excuse though. 
       I have dry macular degeneration, pretty heavy on one eye (my right) and light to moderate in the other.  Four days after a laser eye surgery bout on both eyes to correct fogging capsules, (the part of my eye anatomy that hold my cataract-replacement lens in) in my good eye, a tiny blind spot appeared in the dead-center of my good eye.  It is just about the size of a letter in a word that I can read comfortably so to read I have to flick my eyes just slightly from side to side to see the word.  My other alternative is to zoom my screen image in so I can see bigger print.  Its a little scary, because there isn’t much future for artists or photographers who can’t see so well.  My neice sent me Dragon for Mac so I can still dictate my musings and book chapters.
   Enough about that…
And on the URL for this site instead of www.rbpahl.blogspot.com, I wrote blogsite.  Sillyme.

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